Top Feature of Multifunction Copier

Top Features of Multifunction Copiers I Didn’t Know They Had

Copiers are a significant investment for the office. Depending on the style and features, a copier can cost more than 10000. Despite the investment, many offices aren’t maximizing the benefit of their multifunction copier.

Some would just print signs for the office or notes from a meeting. More advanced users may know how to make a PDF scan of a document. Or there may be just one person in the office who knows how to send a fax.

Smart offices need to get as much return on the copier investment as they can. This guide will uncover a few of those secret features you should be using on your multifunction copier.

Types of Multifunction Copiers

The multifunction copier, or multifunction printer (MFP) as it is also known, was first developed as a space-saving device for the office. By combining the functionality of multiple devices in one machine, the multifunction copier has a much smaller footprint for the home, office, or small business.

Copier manufacturers will separate products into categories to help differentiate core use. There are differences between copiers in a single category. For example, some may offer faster printing. Others offer additional functionality to differentiate the product from lower-priced competition. While there isn’t a standard definition for copiers, most multifunction copiers do fall into one of these categories.

  • All-in-one: These are smaller desktop copiers suitable for the home and home-office. Most offer only a desktop inkjet printer and may only print black-and-white. Some offer additional features for the home such as a card reader for digital cameras.
  • Small Office: The small office copier offers both a large desktop and a small freestanding copier, depending on your needs and office. The larger units will offer more features. They often include networking capability, and print, scan, copy and fax features. Many also include basic authentication.
  • Office Copier: These mid-sized or larger copiers are designed to support the office through a wealth of features. This includes networked document storage, support for custom software, and networked user credential authentication.

Top Features of Multifunction Copiers

Most copiers offer basic print, scan, copy and fax functionality. We’re taking a look at some of the lesser-known features and functionality that can take your office to the next level, providing more productivity for employees.

1. Printing Features in Multifunction Copiers

Many copiers offer advanced document finishing functionality. This includes not only duplex (double-sided) printing, but also stapling and hole punching. Some copiers also offer advanced folding capability, such as tri-fold, cover binding with staples, and a half fold with a crease.

With multiple drawers for paper, the office could quickly switch paper for different use. For example, using heavier weight paper with a higher-quality finish for presentations, and a lower quality paper for general office use.

2. Faxing Features in Multifunction Copiers

With the advent of the internet and email, many companies no longer use a fax machine, but it is important to have one on hand when a need comes up. Did you know the fax machine in many multifunction copiers also works as an answering machine? With a networked copier and user credentials, the copier can deliver voice messages to designated users.

3. Scanning Features of Multifunction Copiers

Scanning output and input is one of the most underused features on a multifunction copier. For example, many copiers include document security with their output. Scan a document and set the security using PDF encryption or digital signatures.

Depending on the network options, you can also send scans directly to your office network. Many businesses looking to go paperless use the copier to scan and store documents directly on their secure network. Copiers with optical character recognition convert scanned documents into a text format that can be edited and searched. This saves both time and money on storage, document searches, and retrieval.

Top Reasons an Office Should Choose a Multifunction Copier

Smart businesses and growing organizations throughout the Midwest are utilizing technology to save money and deliver value to customers. The multifunction copier is often an untapped resource, offering functionality that empowers employees and saves time and money.

Many companies are now using the copier as a document management tool that can eliminate error-prone and expensive paper documents.  It’s the critical first step toward paperless operations. By scanning paper documents and storing them on a searchable network, the company is getting data to employees faster and more accurately. Used correctly, the multifunction copier can directly add to the bottom line of the business.

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