The Ricoh machines we have today are multipurpose, unlike the ancient copiers our grandparents used. Technology has advanced significantly over the years, and the capabilities of Ricoh colour copiers are expanding. Ricoh photocopiers can now double as fax machines, printers, scanners, and even document management systems. In the midst of all of this, you may be surprised at what your Ricoh machines are capable of.

1 – Create Editable Documents

There’s no need to retype a whole document because of a misspelt word or missing punctuation. Your Ricoh Malaysia machine will assist you in scanning your work into an editable Microsoft Word or Excel format. This will allow you to edit and make necessary changes.

2 – Eliminate Physical Storage Space

It’s time to say goodbye to the requirement for physical storage for your files and documents. Why don’t you just use your Ricoh colour photocopier to accomplish the job? Scan all available papers and upload them to a cloud storage space. At the same time, you will save space and money.

3 – Color Matching

Some undertakings necessitate the precise application of a hue. Color matching can be done on your Ricoh copier. All it requires is a sample, and it will complete the task under your supervision.

4 – Notify Service Centre of Problems

You won’t have to worry about ink or toner running out. Today’s Ricoh copiers are smarter; they will alert the service centre to minor issues that should be addressed before they worsen.

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