What is VirtualBox?
VirtualBox is Oracle’s x86 and AMD64/Intel64 virtualization software. It is a free, open-source virtualization product, distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.

The software allows you to run virtual machines on your host operating system. Additionally, it lets you establish a managed connection between the VMs and even the host if needed.

You can run VirtualBox on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and Oracle Solaris.

In 2010, Oracle introduced the VirtualBox Extension Pack, a closed-source complemental package with additional features. It included features such as support for USB2/USB3 and RDP.

What is VMware?
VMware has a number of virtualization products. VMware Workstation Player is free x64 virtualization software available for non-commercial use. The company underlines that the free version is for students and educators. If you want to use the Player for commercial use, you need to pay for the Workstation Player commercial license.

It is used for managing and creating virtual machines but works best when running a single VM. You can install the free virtualization software if you have a Linux or Windows OS host.

If you need virtualization software with more features and larger-scale projects, you can check out Workstation Pro.