What Can Work Best for your Business – Copier Types?

There are wide ranges of copiers available and choosing one could be a difficult task for you but in-depth analysis and business need identification can help you choose the right rented copier machine for your business. 

Always consider the below-mentioned needs before you choose copier for lease then make an appropriate decision accordingly. 

  • Document Sorting

This sorts copies into their original orders to avoid any sort of confusion and mismanagement.  Many copiers to their advanced level, staple your documents together automatically which saves your time and efforts.

  • Auto-duplex MFC (Multi Functional Copier)

This saves a lot of money, time and increases your workplace’s productivity. It has a two-sided printing feature which automatically reloads a printed paper into a machine, and print on the backside of the paper. This gives a very professional-looking impression of your documents.

  • Feeders

Feeder cuts down your effort of manual putting of paper each time instead it helps in loading piles of paper ( no. of paper is already set based on the model of a copier).

  • Varied paper size

You may require different sizes of documents at varied paper sizes, this feature can help you to enlarge and reduce the size of papers. Along with the standard size of 8.5’ x 11’, some copiers offer a tray size of 11’’x17’ or 17’x20’.

  • Monochrome

It is the least expensive choice because it comes with one single hue which is black tonner. The speed, functions, and size of these copiers are the same as their color counterparts.

  • Color

Contrasting to a monochrome copier, it requires 4 different tonners- black, yellow, cyan, and magenta to generate their image. It can print in monochrome and color both. 

  • Multifunctional

As the name suggests, it performs multitasking such as printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Some machines even integrate with the latest cloud technologies like Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Sharepoint, Dropbox, etc.

  • Compact

Some small businesses where usage is limited to smaller sized machines which can, however, perform every function which multifunctional device executes solve every purpose. These machines are created for legal paper or smaller sizes and are usually placed at employee’s desks. 

  • Production Capacity

If your business is looking for professional-grade graphics frequently then a production copier can be the best choice. It offers high-resolution printing and its cost varies greatly depending upon its make and model.


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