Whether you manage an office, a school, or any other type of workplace, you need to have access to a reliable copier, right? Naturally, it is. It’s also critical to have access to equipment that can handle your workload and expectations, regardless of how heavy they are.

Unfortunately, many consumers discover that the makes and models that check all the boxes do not necessarily come at a price that suits their budget. When this occurs, you have two choices:

1) Choose a simpler model than the one you truly require. This is fantastic for staying inside your budget, but if the copier does not fulfil your needs, it is not providing you with any value.

2) Select a refurbished copier that meets all of your requirements at a reasonable price. Used office equipment might provide you with more features and functions at a reduced cost.

But what exactly is a refurbished copier?

What does ‘refurbished’ mean in terms of copiers?
A refurbished copier is a used, pre-loved model that has been reconditioned to make it almost as good as new. The word refurbished means renovated or redesigned.

When a company decides to change their office equipment or their copier lease contract expires, we have a variety of used devices with plenty of life still in them. In many cases, the technology is quite new, and the copier still performs admirably.

The copier itself is usually in excellent shape, but some of the internal components have begun to deteriorate due to normal use. Every model is thoroughly inspected for wear and tear. We replace old parts and repair any damage to give these used makes and models new life.

At Bizcopier Solutions, we’re passionate about printer repair in Selangor and keeping local businesses’ printers running smoothly. We feel the same way about copiers. We are proactive in copier repair and maintenance to ensure that the equipment lasts as long as possible. We provide a large selection of high-quality, refurbished machines, including Ricoh.

Who should consider a refurbished copier?
Businesses with high copying demands that do not want to spend the money on a brand new model can benefit greatly from purchasing a refurbished machine. Smaller businesses can benefit from ‘like new’ choices as well. Perhaps you only have little copying requirements that do not need the purchase of pricey equipment, and you simply want one that ‘does the job’? The obvious choice is refurbished.

It makes no difference whether you want to buy a copier or lease one. It’s always worth considering a refurbished copier over a new one because you’ll save a lot of money.

To discover more about refurbished office equipment, visit our website or browse our current inventory of refurbished copiers. These devices have been hand-restored to ensure peak functionality.

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