Here are some costs associated with a copier service contract:

Speed & Paper output
The cost of a copier service contract is heavily influenced by the operation speed and required output.

The greater the required output and volume, the greater the cost requirement.

For example, if you use a copier at 80% capacity, the maintenance charge will be higher than if you only use 20% of the copier capacity.

Machine age
A very old copier will have higher maintenance requirements than a brand new one.

Machine parts deteriorate with age, and after a certain period, frequent replacement is required, which may increase maintenance costs.

Other Factors
Other factors that influence copier service contract prices include:

  • What software is in the copier, and what updates are required?
  • Is your copier colour or black and white?
  • How frequently do you need to replace the parts?
  • Are your copier spare parts widely available?
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