While there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes, Fax over IP essentially transforms your email client into a fax service. Yes, you read that right — you can send a fax, from your computer, using your email client, to another computer, using a email address as the intended destination.

All that you need is a scanner to scan the document, and a subscription to an e-fax service, like FaxCore or EtherFax.

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Basically, whenever you send an email, that email is stored on your email client’s server, and is then packetized and sent over to the recipient’s email client server. Once the email has entered their server, they are notified that they have a new message waiting for them in their inbox.

This is the main reason why email is not allowed in heavily regulated industries that need to share confidential information. By storing the content of the email on not one, but two different servers, it’s very difficult to ensure that the document is secure — and the risk of someone viewing confidential documents rises dramatically.

Fax over IP does not store an email on the recipient’s server however. It is a completely secure method of digitally transferring confidential documents.