Once you’ve decided to break free from your current copier lease, you can use the following advice.

Notify the copy machine leasing company

According to Malaysian law, the first step in legally breaking the lease is to notify the leasing company of your intent and provide supporting documentation.

It is also a good idea to keep all legal documents related to the lease agreement, such as communication records, details of any changes to the agreement, and any other official actions. This will be useful if your case becomes complicated.

Cancel the lease’s automatic renewal

Rental companies frequently include a provision for automatic renewal of the agreement. This clause, also known as the “evergreen clause,” requires businesses to give the rental company 30 to 180 days’ notice if they do not wish to renew a lease.

Failure to do so results in automatic renewal, making it more difficult for some people to get out of a contract. When signing the contract, care must be taken to avoid the contract’s automatic renewal.

Be ready to pay early termination fees

Lease termination fees are frequently associated with successful lease cancellation. If you intend to end your lease agreement, be prepared to pay the penalty.

You must also pay the packing fees and ship the equipment at your own expense. To avoid a last-minute surprise, estimate the total cost ahead of time and keep the necessary funds on hand.

Speak with a lawyer

If you have any questions about specific clauses in the contract, you should consult a lawyer. This may appear to be quite costly, but it can save you a lot of legal trouble in the long run.

Record everything

Documentary evidence is required to support a reasonable cause in any legal action. As a result, make certain that you document everything to support your argument.

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