What is the Importance of Printer and Copier Maintenance?
Multifunctional Printers (MFPs) and Copier Machines are critical to the seamless operation of any office. Although it appears that we live in a highly technological Malaysia where everything appears to be digital, we are still unable to support or maintain a completely paperless office as of today (2021).

Given its significance, it would not be a waste of money to spend in its upkeep, excluding regular wear and tear.

Unfortunately, some SMEs and MNCs alike do not prioritise office equipment maintenance because they believe it will place an unneeded burden on their budget. However, they may be oblivious to the fact that this will increase their costs in the long run.

How Can Servicing Increase Office Equipment’s Useful lifespan?
Begin considering your existing equipment as an asset, just as you would your employees; it works as a team member and generates productive outcomes based on your needs.

If you disregard its presence, it will cease to function normally. Thus, regular copier service is critical to keeping your office equipment in good working order and extending its life.

This will result in a progressive decrease in the drain on your budget as well as minimum equipment downtime and the need for emergency repairs.

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