You may be saying to yourself, “paper is paper.” However, your printer paper is actually more important than you realize, because the choice you make can have a significant amount of impact on the way you do business.

From saving you money to making you appear more professional, here’s why your printer paper matters.

  • Appearance

When you use cheap paper, people can tell that you used cheap paper. This may not help you impress those big, important clients.

Hold your printer paper up to the light and take a good look at it. Take a look at the colour, texture, and even the smell. The type of paper you would use in your office photocopier to distribute a pile of mass-printed documents isn’t always the best choice if you are printing important items to use with clients. It all depends on what you need the paper for.

  • Functionality

Good paper functions better. It will not jam your printer and it will make whatever you are printer appear more high quality. Some types of paper can also leave paper dust in your printer, which can cause a buildup that affects your printing quality.

When the paper you choose is causing jams or dust build up, it has a significant effect on your office productivity. The more you have to waste time dislodging a paper jam or fixing the office photocopier, the more you are losing downtime that could be better applied to a different task.

  • Environment

Your choice in printer paper also makes an impact on the environment, whether you realize it or not. Some types of paper are designed to utilize fewer resources than others, and if that is important to you, you will want to make sure you pay close attention to this.

Using recycled paper could help your office reduce your impact on the environment because it uses less pollution to create. It also helps you do your part in reducing the amount of ecosystem and habitat destruction that occurs in paper production.

  • Finance

So many businesses throw away a lot of printer paper every year because it gets jammed in their office printer. This is a waste of money and could easily be avoided if the right type of paper is purchased in the first place. If you are buying cheap paper to save money, it doesn’t always work out that way because you could be spending a lot more on those paper jams and wasted paper.

  • Choosing the Right Paper For a Multifunction Printer

Make sure you choose the right printer paper for a multi-function printer because you want to maximize what you print. There are many different kinds of paper and they all have different functions. For example, a heavier paper is used for more official documents, such as presentations, while lighter paper can be used for photocopies.

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