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Copier Service & Maintenance

Our fully inclusive packages give the peace of mind you can get your prints out on every time.

Copier Service

We offer an one-to-one service for your machine. If it hasn’t been serviced it could be costing you more than it should to copy on machine.
Make sure you are the early bird to booked in!

Copier Maintenance

To make sure your copier is kept in the best condition in order to reduce ‘downtime’, we strongly recommend you to have a maintenance service plan in place.

We offer a range of copier maintenance contracts.


BIZCOPIER Solutions Sdn Bhd understands the frustration caused when a machine isn’t working and starts to affect your business activities.

All our copier maintenance contracts offer peace of mind to our customers and generally cover the cost of all labour and any parts required, with no hidden costs.

We are also fully committed to providing preventative maintenance on every machine through regular and pro-active service calls that involve cleaning, adjusting and replacing parts.

This allows us to anticipate potential problems before they occur. And, in the unlikely event, that we can’t repair your machine, we will replace it the same day to ensure that your business is not adversely affected. 

We offer the best copier maintenance service


Our maintenance contracts cover whether there’s a fault with a machine or even one of your employees struggling to use a machine. We will come over and sort out the machine whatever the problem.

We use the latest software and dedicated staff to ensure that all service calls are dealt with quickly, efficiently and effectively.


We offer a one off copier service

If your machine hasn’t had a service in over 12 months or you are concerned that it may need some attention, we are happy to provide a one-off service even if you lease the machine from another supplier.

Our one-off service consists of a detailed inspection of the machine, testing of all relevant mechanical and electrical parts, and providing a written report detailing the state of the machine and if any work may be required.

We guarantee any repairs we complete for 6 months.

Copier servicing by our in-house engineering team

All parts used also come with at a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.


Managed Print Services

Discover the advantages of managed copy services, keeping costs down, maintaining your copier ink levels and servicing your copier